Securing True Riches – 2 CD pack

By idelight1

Securing True Riches – 2 CD pack


By the victory of cross of Christ , we have been set free from poverty and lack. We are therefore empowered to prosper in order to set the poor free from poverty and enable everyone to enjoy the blessings of redemption.

To understand how to secure material and financial easily, we first of all have to know what true riches are and how to secure it. True riches go beyond and higher than material and financial resources. It is the capacity to bring forth things into the natural from the realm of the spirit. He who is abundantly loaded with the blessings of true riches will very easily control and dominate material and financial riches. How then do we secure true riches?

Find out more in this 2 part series as Pastor Chucks demonstrates from the Word of God how to secure true riches in order to command and control the material world