Dismantling The Spirit Of Poverty – 5 CD Pack

By idelight1

Dismantling The Spirit Of Poverty – 5 CD Pack


In the world today as ever before, there is an evil and foul spirit operating whose influence is felt ubiquitously. That spirit is a principality and it is the spirit of poverty. Satan has set up a counterfeit government and system to try and aid that spirit to continue its evil work and influence in the affairs of men.

Due to the wide spread ignorance of the church on the insidious nature and character of this poverty spirit and because a lot of believers are either not taught well or are totally ignorant of the truth of the Word of God on this subject, they have lived lives of defeat and utter helplessness under its tyranny and influence.

So why are believers living a defeated life?

Find out from this 5 Part series, what you need to do to live a victorious life over the spirit of poverty.