Battle of Wills – 4 CD Pack

By idelight1

Battle of Wills – 4 CD Pack


The Word of God is the expression of the Will of God and it is already forever settled and established in Heaven( Psalm 119:89) which means that it cannot be reversed, changed or altered in that dimension. But however, on earth, the will of God needs to be settled and established.

God’s will is all that Jesus Christ died on the cross to procure for humanity. As Kingdom ambassadors, we need to be actively and constantly lining up our wills with the will of God so that only God Almighty would be glorified.

In this 4 part teaching series, Pastor Chucks masterfully teaches and explains in depth on how to fight and win this battle of wills. He challenges theological cliches, doctrinal heresy and conventional wisdom by sharing the truth from God’s Word and infusing it with his personal testimonies of triumph in the battle wills.