Apostolic Invasion Of The Marketplace – 4 CD Pack

By idelight1

Apostolic Invasion Of The Marketplace – 4 CD Pack


The church of God is now more than ever before in the prophetic season of influence and high impact in the world to establish the Kingdom and government of God in all spheres of life. It is now time for believers to arise and claim their God appointed place of leadership in the world and marketplace and take charge of what should be theirs by redemptive rights.

God is calling the church to change the way we think, speak, pray and behave in order to reclaim the marketplace. Believers have got to step into this apostolic mandate and become a powerful voice to have the right impact and influence.

Get up, get ready and join us in this 4 part series as we learn about invasion to take over the marketplace and influence the world for our God and King as we transition and position for the greatest harvest of souls!!!