The Amazing Power of Woman 

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These powerful insights for every woman are based on the book - The Amazing Power of Woman and more.

About the BOOK

The Amazing Power of WOMAN by Chucks Obinna Ugoihe



‘When you don't know who you are, you are likely to become a victim of abuse’.

I started out in the ministry in 1989 whilst still an Engineering student at University. In these past 27 years of my active involvement with the work of the Lord, I have learnt from my experiences that several women do not know who they are.

Over these years, I have interacted with many wonderful ladies from all walks of life and varying age brackets. It is through these interactions and my communion with the Holy Spirit as I ask Him questions based on what I observe and encounter with these women that I have developed a strong and robust passion to redeem the woman from living under the agonies of an emotionally, socially and spiritually throttled identity.

The woman is such a powerful being yet she has often functioned from a place of “disconnection” and consequent abuse, marginalization, limitation and muffled expression. Let us look at it like this, a microwave is a powerful machine, yet it needs a connection in order to function. In the same way, any woman  disconnected from her true identity has no grounds or basis to function effectively in life.

Until the mind of the woman finds and articulates divine definition, the woman within her remains invisible and impotent. Even though, she is indeed capable of truly amazing and wonderful things. It is such a sad thing that most women do not even know how powerful they are!

The objective of this book is to show you your power, introduce you to yourself, your true self. You will see your true self as in a mirror and you will come alive.

Like all power, your power if not well understood or harnessed can be counterproductive, very much like a powerful four-wheel drive vehicle in a child’s hands, dangerous at best. But in the hands of a trained adult driver, it can do much good. Understanding this power is not for careless use nor is it to be used destructively, but rather, its full understanding can give you, your marriage, career, community a tremendous advantage and make your world a better place.

My interactions over the years reveal to me that several women do not know their power. When you don’t know who you are the tendency is:

a.   You are abused.

b.   You abuse yourself.

Take something as simple as a cell phone- for many of us, the cellphone is limited to making and receiving calls or SMS. But the cellphone is so much more powerful than that. In fact, it has been said that the power in today’s average cell phone is greater than the power in the computers that ensured man’s first landing on the moon.

Think about that! That little phone in your hands is more powerful than the earlier computers that took man to the moon! And those things were large! Some filled entire rooms. But for many of us, we don’t know this and because we don’t know, we do not use our cellphones maximally. You cannot harness capabilities that you do not know exists! The key to utilizing capabilities is to first know. It is same with a woman. First we must know the power a woman carries, next we must know how to activate this power. There is so much that woman carries and most women do not know this power, and unless this power is known, it cannot be activated.

The power of woman is no joke. Harnessing and unleashing this power can truly mark the difference between an ordinary life and a superabundant life. Hence our first task would be to provide knowledge. To get an inkling of this power we must turn to the word of God. This is the difference you’ve been secretly longing for. Delve in, know, harness and unleash your power and bless your world.


1. What is "Woman"

2. What Has SHe Been Given And Blessed With?

3. Harnessing Her Power

4. Managing Her Power

5. Going Under Cover

6. Nurturing The Female Image of God

7. Guarding Against The Error of Eve

8. Lessons From Our Mother Sarah

9. For Single Women Only

10. For Married Women Only

11. Questions And Answers

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