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Over 17 hours of teachings from the Single Ladies Boot Camp complied into this MP3  - Order Now

This book will show you your power, introduce you to yourself, your true self. You will see your true self as in a mirror and you will come alive - Order Now

This message will equip you with the right information that will help you make great decisions about who you will spend the rest of your life with - Order Now

In this 3 part series, couples are taught to nurture their relationships as they grow and how to keep them strong - Order Now

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SLBC (Single Ladies Boot Camp)

Are you single?

Are you single, or in a relationship but not yet married?

Do you want to learn how to go about relationships to get the best

out of them?

Do you want to understand your power as a woman?

Are there questions in your heart about relationships, how they

work and why they sometimes fail?

Do you want to learn how to find the man of your dreams and get

married as soon as you desire?

Why not join our host and facilitators - Pastor Chucks & Toyin at

the next Single Ladies Boot Camp – Click here!

POWA (Power of Woman Academy)

A One Year Mentorship Programme For High Impact Woman.

Connect and Learn from these hightly successful and influential

men and woman of God from all walks of life

Get ready for the next level!

Are you Resourceful, Enterprising and Goal Oriented? Do you want

to Discover Your Power as a Woman!

Are you looking to take YOUR BUSINESS, CAREER & LIFE to the

next level? Get Mentored, Motivated, Inspired, Coached to


Do you want to be a Complete Woman - Spirit, Soul & Body &

Harness & Unleash Your Potential

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MEC (Marriage enrichment courses)

A great marriage requires consistent and regular inputs from both parties and a willingness to grow and invest (time and resources) into the relationship.

Pastor Chucks & Toyin have been married for 18 years and been involved in counselling couples, building and rebuilding marriages over the years.

The unique quality they bring is the prayer element and the dependence on the Holy Spirit in administering the courses and seminars.

There would be significant changes for the better in the relationships that go through the various courses or seminars, that’s our commitment


POWC ( Power of Woman Conference & Business Expo)

Woman, You are Powerful!!

You have amazing abilities and capabilities already in you. You are Precious, You are Beautiful, You are Strong, You are Smart!

You have the power to change the world. You are capable of many wonderful things.

There is much that a woman carries within her -  yet many women live and die without realising the blessing that they are and carry.

Join us at our Annual Power of Woman Conference & Business Expo! Join our hosts -  Pastor Chucks & Toyin Ugoihe  along with and our other Speakers for an unforgettable experience in the presence of the Lord!

Power of Woman Conference & Business expo 2019  Click here

Our Free Seminars & Conferences

We are a very vibrant and lively close knit community of faith. We love God, we love life and we love people!

Are you tired of putting your trust in shakeable things? Are you tired of feeling empty inside and feeling lonely? We invite you to join us at Resurrection Life Church. At ResLife Church, we are taught practical and relevant wisdom from the word of God that helps us deal with life’s issues, overcoming challenges and succeed with our goals and aspirations. Please join us at our Sunday Service from 9am, come experience God’s love for yourself.